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Jo at Podium

A Different Presidential Candidate - Stossel TV

We have a choice! Next presidential election, we don’t have to decide between two big-spending candidates, neither of whom has expressed much interest in limited government. Now, we have a third serious…Read More

Jo talking to police in Tulsa OK

Libertarian Presidential Campaign Launches from Tulsa

By Jonathan Bartlett, Tulsa Today 6/27/20

“The turnout for such an impromptu event was expected to be less than thirty people, including the media. However, the crowd quickly overflowed the venue, and it was forced to move outside. Over a hundred people attended, all wanting to meet, ask questions, and take pictures with the Libertarian candidate.”


Jo Jorgensen brown suit

Jo Jorgensen has “impeccable credentials”

From Brandon Kirby of Libertarian Republic

Jo Jorgensen has arrived within the liberty movement. She has impeccable credentials as a libertarian and carries with her an impressive resume.

Read More….

Candidates of all 3 parties

Are you willing to settle for Trump vs Biden?

Independents are the largest group of voters in America – nearly 40% of the electorate. More than 70% of independents want an alternative to the Democrats and Republicans. They want an option for President other than Donald Trump or Joe Biden. Read More….


Our campaign team is looking for excited and motivated volunteers who want to help the Libertarian message reach a wider audience, both inside the party and with the voting public. Voting manipulations have become a common issue in many places. Blockchain technology can help to avoid manipulations and fraudulent activities in voting. Blockchain avoids manipulations in crypto transactions too. Crypto trading is made efficient with bitcoin robots such as the Bitcoin Bank Breaker. Read the Bitcoin Bank Breaker betrug blog to learn more about this crypto robot. A copy of this form will be sent to the email address you enter. Someone from the campaign will contact you shortly.