Three immediate actions the President should take to fight COVID-19 that don’t cost $2 trillion

Three immediate actions the President should take to fight COVID-19 that don’t cost $2 trillion

Here are three immediate actions that President Trump should take to more effectively fight the COVID-19 virus. Things that will cost us next to nothing compared to the two trillion dollar package stuffed full of special interest goodies just passed by Congress.


1. Immediately grant FDA waiver requests needed for companies to produce COVID-19 tests, N-95 masks, ventilators, protective gear, etc. These waivers are slowly being approved, but it is typically taking months. These delays are costing lives. As president, I would seek to end these regulations, so that waivers would not be needed to fight future epidemics.
2. Make COVID-19 tests available to everyone, including home tests. Right now, there are extremely restrictive guidelines for who can be tested, where, how, etc. Guidelines that don’t seem to apply to politicians, athletes, actors, and other wealthy elites. By granting waivers and allowing mass production of tests, everyone will be able to be tested. As president, I would remove government restrictions on doctors, letting them decide what is in the best interest of their patients.
3. Allow those who test negative to go back to work. COVID-19 is not the only threat to our health and safety. Unemployment and recession will also lead to more deaths. South Korea was used widespread testing and self-quarantine of those testing positive to halt the spread of the virus without crashing their economy. That is a better strategy than indiscriminate closures and heavy-handed lockdowns. As president, I would choose providing information and persuasion over heavy-handed government edicts.


Democrats and Republicans are following their standard playbook – using this crisis to increase their power, increase the size of government, and benefit their special interest cronies. Libertarians offer a better, more reasonable alternative.


Please share this list with your friends, family, co-workers – anyone you think might want to know that government is standing in the way of these simple actions. That government is doing more harm than good in the fight against this virus. That there is a way to make it through this without destroying our economy and/or making more Americans dependent on government for their very survival.


And if you don’t want to see something like this happen again, vote for Libertarian Party candidates in the November elections. Isn’t it time to try something different? Thank you!


Dr. Jo Jorgensen
Libertarian for President